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Brittney Baltzly, owner of Britt's Blooms U-Pick flower farm in Paris, Stark County, Ohio


Welcome to the garden, I'm so glad you're here! 

I'm Brittney, aka the Britt behind Britt's Blooms.


I'm a city girl with zero farm experience that fell in love with a farmer.


In 2014, my now-husband and I purchased a 70-acre farm to follow his dream of raising cattle.


After moving to the country, I struggled to adjust to my new life and find my purpose on the farm.

I discovered gardening after I was given a bag of zinnia seeds and when the first flower bloomed, so did my love for flowers.


I used the flowers to make bouquets for friends and family. Giving them something that brightened their day not only gave me so much joy and fulfillment, but it allowed me to share the beauty of the garden with others.

Those zinnias helped me to discover my purpose on the farm and planted the seed (pun intended) for the U-Pick garden!


My reason for staring the U-Pick garden was to share the magic of the garden with others. There's nothing more healing for the mind and soul than being outside surrounded by nature, fresh air, and so much beauty...and I want you to experience that.

I often struggle to find words to describe how special this garden is. My hope is that you'll come and experience the magic for yourself, and when you leave, you too will understand how special it truly is.


Can't wait to see you here!


Honeybee on a pink Autumn Joy sedum plant
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